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12AprS1-UFIEQP-20-1 Business Applications
12AprS1-UFIF4J-20-1 Informing & Communicating in Practice
12AprS1-UFMEFY-20-1 Analytical Modelling
12AprS1-UFCEHV-20-1 Computer Systems
12AprS1-UFCE46-20-1 Introduction to Program DevelopmentInformation
12Apr-S2-UMOCA8-20-1 Management and Organizational Behavior
12Apr-S2-UFCE48-20-1 Computer Science Concepts
12Apr-S2-UFCE8T-20-1 Information Systems Development 1
12Apr-S2-UFCE47-20-1 Systems Development
12Apr-S3/S4-UMMD39-20-2 - Competing Through Operations
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCF55-20-2 - The IT Professional
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCEVJ-20-2 - Data Structures and Algorithms
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCEKG-20-2 - Data, Schemas and Applications
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCEHX-20-2 - Computer Networks and Operating Systems
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCE9B-20-2 - Project Management
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCE9A-20-2 - Human-Computer Interaction
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCE7U-20-2 - E Business
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCE4B-20-2 - Software Design
12Apr-S3/S4-UFCE49-20-2 - Software Engineering
12Apr-S5/S6-UMSCC3-20-3 Strategic Management