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12AprS1-UFMF5E-20-1 Mathematics for Civil & Environmental Engineering
12AprS1-UBGLTX-20-1 Civil Engineering Surveying & GIS
12AprS1-UBGLSJ-10-1 Civil Engineering Technology
12AprS2-UBGLVA -10-1 Civil Engineering Geology
12AprS2-UBGLDM- 20-1 Mechanics and Science of Materials
12AprS2-UBGLFQ-10-1 Engineering Group Project
12Apr S3/S4-UBLLD4-20-2 Construction, Costing & Contracts
12Apr S3/S4-UBLLCL-20-2 Project Planning & Economics
12Apr S3/S4-UBLLSH-10-2 Introduction to CAD for Construction
12Apr S3/S4-UBGLV5-10-2 Structures A
12Apr S3/S4-UBGLV6-20-2 Soil Mechanics & Structures
12Apr S3/S4-UFMF68-20-2 Applications of Mathematics in Civil & Environmental Engineering
12 Apr-S5/S6 UFMERX-30-3 MEng Individual Project Part A
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBGLT4-30-3 Civil Engineering Design Project
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBLL5N-20-3 Professional Issues for Engineers
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBGMPF-20-3 Design of Structural Elements
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBGLFP-20-3 Structural Analysis
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBGLVP-10-3 Transport Infrastructure Engineering
12 Oct S5/S6 - UBGMQF-10-3 Management Information SystemsInformation
12 Apr-S5/S6 UBGMQF-10-3 Management Information Systems