15Jan UFCEHX-20-2 Computer Networks and O/S
15Jan UFCEVJ-20-2 Data Structures and Algorithms
15Jan UFCE4B-20-2 Software Design
15Jan UFCEKG-20-2 Data, Schemas and Applications
15Jan UFCE49-20-2 Software Engineering
13Sept/14Jan UFCEXY-10-3 Entrepreneurial Skills for Computing
13Sept/14Jan UFCEJ6-10-3 Advanced Distributed Systems
13Sept/14Jan UFCE4Y-20-3 Components and Services
013Sept/14Jan UFCE9K-10-3 Professional, Legal and Commercial Issues
13Sept/14Jan UFCE4S-10-3 Requirements Engineering
16Jan UFCFA3-30-1 Principles of Computing
16Jan UFCFB3-30-1 Web Programming
16Jan UFCF93-30-1 Computer and Network Systems
16Jan UFCFC3-30-1 Introduction to OO Systems Development
15Jan UFCE9A-20-2 Human-Computer Interaction
13Sept/14Jan UFCF4A-20-3 Embedded Systems
Sep 13/Jan 14 UFCE3B-40-3 Computing Project